We’re kick starting 2018 with an exciting new approach to the Hub. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of customers across the energy world from generators, to retailers to corporates.  What we heard most from you, was the need to have an integrated approach to energy. One where all your data is in one place and easily shared with those that matter – that’s why we created the Hub.  But as our products have changed and matured, we’ve also recognized the need to break our offerings out, so that it’s much easier and simpler to see our products in a way that makes sense for you.

A unique App Store for energy

And so we have created the industry’s first energy App Store. When you log in, you can now easily see the different applications that you have subscribed to, from billing and validation to budgeting and ETRM and much more. We have a range of internally developed apps including energy management, accounting integration and bill validation. But we also have a few apps from third party vendors – you can read more about each app here. And this is just the beginning. In 2018 we’ll be adding more applications, some developed by Utilidex as well as other leading energy application providers too.  We know that having an integrated energy world remains top of your agenda, so we’re making it top of ours.

Empowering Corporates

Corporate customers will now have access to a range of powerful applications and modules tailored to their energy world – from bill validation, budgeting and energy management, to accounting integration and helpful wallboards, we’ve got it all covered.  We’ve also provided a whole range of ways to share information with your retailers, meter providers and on-site managers, to make things that little bit easier.

Our powerful digital billing platform is built with the next generation retailer in mind and has customer engagement at its core. This includes complex billing for the Industrial and Commercial market – handling the needs of prosumers who, with embedded generation also then need to integrate the energy rate purchased via flexible consumer contracts and deduct any energy imbalances across a whole portfolio or for a particular customer site. We have also introduced the ability to observe wholesale and pass through costs throughout the month rather than waiting until the end of the following month to understand costs.

A more complete solution for wholesale participants

For wholesale energy customers, we have a complete front-to-back ETRM solution available on the Hub Ecosystem, which now includes a range of features including trade captures and trade analytics. Our next step is to improve reporting so senior managers can understand their portfolio risk and adjust hedging strategy depending on market direction. And we’re also working on additional financial trade instruments for sophisticated wholesale participants in order to hedge their portfolios better.

Want to join our ecosystem? 

We want to make our Hub the go-to place for everything energy. So we will be looking to expand our ecosystem with third-party energy Apps from like-minded providers. If that’s you and you share our vision of empowering clients with new possibilities in energy, we can help you adopt the latest digital technologies and bring your energy product to market faster.

We’d like to say a special thank you to all our customers for your invaluable insights and feedback that continue to help shape and change your hub product. We continue to work very closely with you, our engineers and our partners at Microsoft to bring your products that really make a difference to how you do your job. And ultimately so we can make this industry better.

Want to find out more about our energy AppStore? We would love to hear from you – please contact Richard Lewin.