New Feature – Analyse Savings and Investment Potential For Renewable Energy

Make informed investment decisions by understanding your generation patterns.  You can now analyse your sites’ total consumption to determine the percentage of generation from behind the meter assets,  as well as financial and environmental savings.

You can configure your generation assets from your Energy.Hub and then view the data within a new Business Intelligence Dashboard.  Within the dashboard you can view consumption and generation data at a site and portfolio level.  KPIs demonstrate key headlines such as; cost savings, carbon savings and total generation.  To find out more, please contact your account manager to further discuss how to on-board your generation data. 

For further information please see the support article Generation Assets.

For information on how to use the reports see,  Red Amber & Green Insights.


New Feature – Reduce Admin Time By Using The New  Bulk User Upload

Significantly reduce admin time by using the new bulk up-loader.  Historically administrators had to upload each user individually, the new feature provides an excel template in which you can add all the user’s credentials, and then apply which type of account access they require, and simply upload.

For further information please see the support article Bulk User Upload