New Feature – Energy Consumption Alerts – Save Money By Understanding Your Daily Consumption

It is now easier than ever, within the Energy.Hub, to track whether there has been abnormally high or low site energy consumption vs . your expected forecast. Historically, it has been difficult to track sites which consumed more energy than their average load shape.

To solve this, we have built an energy alert which is customer configurable, that highlights when consumption exceeds your average values by a pre-set amount. The alert will then send an email to defined users, identifying which sites consumed abnormal volumes of energy, helping to reduce cost and understand your site’s energy behaviour.

For further information please see the support article Erratic Consumption Alerts.

Updated Feature – Reduce Admin Time It Takes To Forecast Your Sites Consumption’s

Reduce time spent in forecasting with our new Adhoc Forecasting engine. Many of our users gave feedback that they are spending too much time creating adhoc forecasts in excel, now our software can roll Half Hourly consumption data forward one to five years.

We have added the ability to produce a forecast at an individual site level using a new UI within the forecasting module. Creating a forecast can be as simple as uploading one years worth of Half Hourly data and choosing how far in the future it should run. This feature compliments the existing forecast algorithm, which  allows users to generate a bespoke forecast based on their historical consumption.

For further information please see the support article, Adhoc Forecast Consumption.