New Feature – One click Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Carbon Reporting (CRC)

This release sees Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Carbon reporting (CRC) land in the Energy.Hub.  The reports can be found in the Energy.Hub’s reporting section, under the category Compliance. Both reports give the option of two reports, one using billed consumption, the other using  a blend of the Hubs metered (where available) and billed consumption. The usual filters then apply where you can report on your entire portfolio, or by group and then select the date period.

Greenhouse Gas Reporting (GHG) – The GHG report allows you to track the key metrics required under the reporting regulation. It includes year to date consumption and cost by individual site and month and tracks dynamically throughout the year. The key below metrics are captured:
– Carbon Dioxide Equivilent (kg CO2e)
– Nitrous Oxide (kg N2O)
– Methane (kg CH4)

Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) – Although CRC reporting methodologies are due to change in the new year, we have released the CRC reports for those looking to automate the process at the end of this financial year. We will then adapt the reporting outputs in-line with the new SECR requirements. The report includes year to date consumption and cost by individual site and month, and tracks dynamically throughout the year. The key metric is Cost and Carbon Dioxide  (kg CO2).

Further information on how to use the new reports can be found at GHG & CRC reporting.



Updated Feature – New look and customisable Wallboard’s

When presenting your energy data to your customer/end-users, you want it to be clear, concise, aesthetically pleasing and on brand.  We have updated the existing Wallboard and provided the user the ability to customise using your brand colours. The update includes a complete new layout which makes tracking key metrics easier than ever. So, from the most experienced energy user, to the most novice, it’s never been simpler to make sense of the data presented.

For further information please see the support article Energy Management Dashboard.


Updated Feature – Business Intelligence dashboards are now available for all, including your customers
The Energy.Hub’s advanced business intelligence tools have been updated with Row Level Security, opening up access to users with specific group allocations.  In short, once you have a group of sites assigned to a user, you can now grant them access to the advanced business intelligence dashboards, where they will only see their portfolio data.
This is really great for those customers serving their customers through the Energy.Hub, providing more powerful data insights.To configure user access, please see the support article Manage Who Accesses Your Hub.