New Feature – Reducing Distribution Costs Through Our Insights

The delivered cost of a kW can vary wildly in any single day, one key driver of this is the distribution costs.  Utilidex wants to give end users control over these costs, and the first step is being able to see when you are using energy in each DUoS time band.  We have created a new Red, Amber & Green Report (RAG), which allows Energy.Hub users to fully interrogate these costs. We’ve also displayed the data within a new Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard, providing powerful and adaptable visual analytics!

For information on how to use the reports see, Red Amber & Green Insights.

New Feature – Track Energy Performance For Consumption & Carbon KPI Easily

We have made it really easy for you to track energy performance with a new Consumption Benchmark KPI Business Intelligence dashboard, with the addition of Excel reporting.  You can now compare yearly, monthly, weekly and daily consumption including carbon emissions, and track them from the BI dashboard.

Additionally, for those customers that buy energy by season, the report also includes the breakdown into Winter, Summer, Spring, and Autumn periods. This can be analysed in the new Power BI dashboard, as well as downloaded in a seasonal consumption report for additional analysis.

For further information see, Consumption & Carbon KPI Report.

New Feature – Solve Energy Problems Through Direct Communications

Site users and end customers can now communicate directly with their central team, which allows them to triage energy problems appropriately. We’ve added a button to the top right ribbon (next to Help and Login) of the Energy.Hub providing a simple click to email support.  Just configure the relevant email address, and you are ready to go.

For further information on requesting help for my energy savings, click here