New Feature – Save Money by Identifying Capacity Saving Opportunities 

Better understand your sites’ electricity capacity limit to avoid paying excess capacity fees, or paying for any unnecessary volume.  Electricity consumers may breach pre-determined capacity limits set for each site.  When consumption exceeds a capacity limit, customers are charged extra for the additional consumption.  You can visualise where and when capacity breaches occur, as well as quantify the additional cost. Users can be notified via email when consumption is breached.

For further information please see the support article Capacity Alerts

New Feature – Commission By Customer & By Meter

Tracking commission values to quantify costs for agents and sites.  For customers who use the Energy.Hub for managing the procurement for their end customers, you can now create, view and edit your commission codes by Meter, Site and Group.  You can add your commissions to your portfolio, and roll over the commission as well as apply rebates to a group. This will allow you to better understand commission throughout the chosen group and adjust accordingly to your tailored requirements. 

Within the commissions screen you can view your commission codes and update them.  We have also created a downloadable report within the reporting suite for simple management.

For further information please see the support article Applying Commissions To Your Sites 

New Feature – Publicly Share Your Carbon Reduction Targets & Performance  

Access Wall-boards and publicly share results.  Customers can now generate a secure link to share their wallboard with anyone.  The link allows access to the wallboard without logging into the system and will be visible for a predefined period.  This for example allows grouped areas and offices to compare and monitor consumption and energy usage comparable to last year.   At the same time, the link can be shared and projected to users in areas such as schools, offices and countless more, through a click of a button.

For further information please see the support article Energy Management Dashboards