Greater Autonomy to add rates and tariffs | Updated Feature
We’ve improved the Energy.Hub to include these updated features which allow you to create, map and edit your tariff and rate information.  Read on to find out more.  If you use our Bill Processing feature, your account manager will be in touch to take you through the new updates.



Speedy tariff mapping

Need a tariff updating?  You’re in control.  Admin users can now update tariffs themselves quickly and easily from within the platform.  If you want more information on how to set your own tariffs, then head over to the support article that we have prepared for you Setting Up Your Own Tariffs.


Uploading your own rates faster than ever!

Admin users have the freedom to upload and add rates and see these updated within a couple of hours.  If you receive your rates monthly or want to post your reconciliation charges prior to the bills arriving, these can now be updated directly through the Energy.Hub.  To learn more about the new tariff user interface, check out the support article Importing and updating rates.


Make billing nomenclature simple with EDI/XLS mapping

Information may be displayed differently on billing files, pricing files and contracts, depending on your supplier, causing you a real headache.  But now Admin users can edit how information is displayed within the Energy.Hub and dynamically map billing and pricing file charges with the Utilidex shadow bill.  Users can also choose which charges to validate in cases where they wish to ignore a charge.

Our support article Pricing and Bill component mapping will tell you all you need to know about the new EDI/XLS mapping process. 

Find your site & billing data quicker with a 10x more powerful search feature | Updated Feature

Search for any information about a site or group of sites with our improved reactive search feature, found in the site list menu.  It means less cross referencing when searching for specific information and the possibility to report directly from the site list based on the search terms. sounds good?  Give it a try from your site list or invoice screen. 

Get the information you need – fast – with our simplified reporting dashboard | Updated Feature

With such a wide library of excel reports to download from the Energy.Hub, from Bill Processing, Energy Analytics, Energy Trade and Risk Management, you’ll enjoy our new reporting dashboard which lets you organise and categorise your reports more efficiently.  Favouriting the reports that you use most frequently makes it even quicker to get to the information you need at the click of a button.

For further information please see the support article My Reports Overview


To find out further information on how Utilidex can help you, please contact Richard Lewin: [email protected]