Updated Feature – Navigating Around Your Energy.Hub Is Easier, Smoother And More Intuitive Than Ever

Smoother transitions, less clicks and less hassle.  To improve the user experience, we have completely redesigned our menu structure in order to improve navigation and make the system more intuitive.  We have removed unnecessary screens and mouse clicks where we can and made the new menu slick and narrower to widen the screen real estate.  The new menu size means you can view complete data tables without the need to scroll.

As this is a new change, we welcome any feedback, and thanks to our customer who have provided it so far helping us redefined the look and feel of the Energy.Hub!

Your account manager will be in touch to take you through the new UI before it is released into your Energy.Hub.

New Utilidex Mobile Web Application – Track your Energy ‘on the go’

Track and compare performance across your sites whilst on the move.  A completely new UI provides for a fresh user experience on the mobile.  Site managers can view site details and track changes remotely, whilst accessing a number of widgets to help you benchmark site performance against the group portfolio.  Through customisation and quick access tools, you can now access data you regularly need. This new application provides ease for our users who need to track their energy wherever they are, and whenever they wish.



For further information please see the support article Mobile Web Application.

Azure Active Directory- Confidence In Our Security

Increased security and on the spot support.  We’ve changed the way you login utilising  Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory to enable a seamless, highly secure connection to the Energy.Hub.  By using Microsoft’s cloud and not storing any data locally, users remain anonymous and their details private.  Users can now log in with their email, while their personal information is transformed into an individual ID number and stored securely.  Forgot your password?  Nothing to worry about….. Updating your password is now faster than ever using Azure Active Directory, the technology enables users to update their passwords through their email and eliminates the need for support and administrators assistance.

For more information please see the support article User Role Management.  Your account manager will be in touch to provide further support on setting you up with our new secure login process.


The Utilidex Team