About Us

Empowering new possibilities

We’re building industry-led technology and data solutions to transform and create value for our customers.
We help our customers to achieve cost and carbon reduction through improved purchasing/renewable energy provision, bill processing and energy and carbon analytics.
Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. The Energy.Hub enables suppliers, consultants and customers to access all their information in a single, cloud platform to process bills and resolve queries efficiently.

Our Story

Utilidex was founded 10 years ago by two ambitious and driven energy experts Richard and Mike who with deep industry knowledge and experience. With a strong passion for addressing the data problem related to the energy market, the team have been using cutting-edge technology to develop the energy industry’s first digital integrated platform for cross-market participants.

Utilidex continues to diversify its products and enhance the features tailored for small and large businesses. In 2013, the company moved its office to the 39th floor of One Canada Square. Now the team has approximately 30 enthusiastic and highly skilled individuals across the United Kingdom and India.

Today, Utilidex is a member of the Tech Net Zero, with the goal to reach the net carbon zero by 2030. We aspire to support our customers with high-value offerings and help them achieve Net-Zero effectively. We are continually developing our software driven by customer requirements; and looking for new opportunities to grow.

Meet Our Team

We have a passion for innovation and the expertise to transform. Our team is a rare mix of innovation experts, technologists and energy professionals with deep industry knowledge and experience needed to continue to create the best products that enhance customer value.

Richard Brys


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As CEO of Utilidex, Richard has the pleasure of leading an incredibly talented team of product designers, engineers, and energy professionals, with one goal in mind: to revolutionise the energy market.

Mike McCloskey


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Mike has spent over 20 years in Energy, across a number of business domains from wholesale trading, electricity generation, distribution and supply. Mike’s expertise across these varied disciplines has seen Mike lead a number of innovations and developments, which were forefront of the industry. Prior to co-founding Utilidex Mike was responsible for Siemens IT business in energy for the UK / Ireland. Mike is passionate about customer focus and innovation, believing that the energy sector has enormous potential for additional value with the right use of innovative technologies

Sam Miles

Operations Director

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Vanessa Adams
Client Partner
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Vanessa Adams is a Client Partner at Utilidex who looks after current customers and new business sales. 

Vanessa is customer-oriented and believes a successful business starts with listening to the needs and wants of a customer. Vanessa is very passionate about fighting climate change and social inequality. She believes that the fight for both goes hand-and-hand and she’s ready to be a voice behind this within the energy industry. 

Keli Kulaj

Product Consultant

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Keli works as Product Specialist and Customer Support for Utilidexmanaging all data related matters and the day-to-day support of customer accounts. Prior to joining Utilidex, she graduated with Honours from a BSc in Economics & Business Administration and recently completed a MSc in International Business Management. 

Keli strongly believes that innovation and technology in the energy sector can positively impact current environmental issues, and is driven by taking an active role in helping customers achieve these goals.

Vaibhav Mishra

Director – Utilidex India

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Vaibhav is passionate about leveraging the latest technology trends to deliver market leading products.  With a degree in computer application and several years experience working for the likes of Estee Advisors, cKlear, Vaibhav brings a wealth of experience across business and technology.
As Director – Utilidex India, Vaibhav works on a day-to-day basis with other senior leaders, and management teams to make sure we continue to deliver market leading products across the geographies the company operates.  With a focus on Recruitment, Ops, Security and Technology Delivery, Vaibhav’s very focused on delivering changes which enhance our customer’s experience.