Corporates & Consultants

An Integrated set of cloud SaaS solutions, to
help you manage your energy cost, carbon and

Carbon and Energy Analytics

Easily reduce and track your carbon, cost, and consumption through the Energy.Hub’s interactive dashboards, reports, alerts, and cost-focused calculators. Our sophisticated reporting enables you to analyse a range of opportunities, easily spot outliers and automate saving opportunities.

Stay on top of energy processes

Automate key reports from billing, budgets, consumption and energy management. Create alerts of key events to ensure you continuously stay on top of saving opportunities

One dashboard for all your data

Create and customise multiple dashboards for internal teams and customers to analyse data with our wide range of interactive widgets for consumption, cost and carbon. 

Benchmark your sites

Compare your different site types and promote positive change behaviour through our customised site leader boards by viewing best and worst performing sites over time.

Bill Processing

The two critical ingredients for managing bill processing are accurate billing data and effective query management to resolve issues promptly. Our Bill platform can check 100% of your bill, including your energy rate, and allows your supplier and metering companies to collaboratively work with you on the same central cloud platform, to track & resolve issues together.

The only platform where flex buyers can validate their energy rate against the weighted cost of trades for the month

Proactive approach to bill data management. Check site data with your supplier & metering company prior to receiving or creating any bills

Ensure the accuracy of your bills through multiple checks for all sites, tariffs versus an automated shadow bill

Energy Procurement

Manage your flexible procurement process by executing trading transactions and analyse your position, exposure and risk to support your hedge strategy and as well as measure your overall performance.

Budget full utility costs.
Benchmark the performance of your trade strategy again the latest the energy prices

Integrated approach
Integrates risk and position management as well as alerting framework all within one platform

Check your energy rate calculations with the Energy.Hub’s bill processing module