An integrated set of SaaS cloud products, to help you manage your key energy supply business, all the time putting customer engagement front and centre in what you do.

The Utilidex Energy.Hub provides suppliers with advanced functionality to enable flexible energy trading, PPA management, accurate I and C billing and meter data management for customers with complex/pass-through billing arrangements.

A fully automated approach to Complex Billing

Creating bills and accruals for gas and power is made simpler by the Energy.Hub’s processing of energy trades and direct sourcing of third party costs and smart meter data. To learn more, download the brochure.

Reduce billing errors

Ensure accurate bills are sent based on complete meter data sets through our fully managed, end-to-end meter data solution.

Accelerate bill processing

Promote efficient bill validation with straight through processing of third party network costs and green levies.

Automate transactions

Save time on calculating cash out transactions for your flexible trading and PPAs by automating the process through a bespoke set of rules and index’s.

Integrate with finance platforms

Streamline your internal processes by integrating your finance platform into the Energy.Hub, eliminating the need for manual interfaces.

A cloud based, integrated Energy Trading platform

Securely manage your cost and revenues allocation across the entirety of your portfolio through our end-to-end energy trading management platform.

Import highly granular forecasting

Trade in the secure knowledge that demand and supply forecasting have been imported to the finest granular detail to support physical risk position calculations by book, tariff or trader

Full trade price and forecast aggregation

Aggregate trades and forecasts to view total energy position of either a generation or supplier portfolio in near real-time

Trade supported by scenario analysis

Make accurate decisions based on scenario analysis and what-if trades

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Support PPAs or embedded generation both behind the meter or in front of the meter contracts, managing the forecasts, transactions and embedded benefits with accurate settlement and invoicing. To learn more, download the brochure.

Monitor your energy generation

A straight through process for calculating energy generation dispatch and settlement based on accurate meter data.

Discover efficiencies and savings

Automatically calculate embedded benefits and cost savings alongside third party costs

Manage your carbon intiatives

Centralise your carbon certificate trades and renewable certificate transactions and levies in a single platform.

Benchmark long and short term forecasting

Measure your long term generation forecasting for gas and power alongside short term smart optimisation tools for both flexible plant and batteries