Data Requirements

Key Data requirements

The following key elements are required in order for Utilidex | Energy to work:

  1. Metering Data (HH & NHH) (Sample format)
  2. Key site information & standing data (g. addresses, account numbers, tariffs)
  3. Billing Files/Electronic Bills (sample EDI file/electronic data)
  4. Energy Trades/Contracts – (where applicable for Flexible Purchasing customers)

1. Metering Data (HH & NHH)

For half hourly metering there are various channels on the meter. In some cases all of this data will be required in order to calculate your Network Charges. Please check your tariff information and with your metering provider whether it is possible to get this information.

  1. Active Import (KWH)
  2. Active Export (KWH) if applicable
  3. Reactive Import (KVARH)
  4. Reactive Export (KVARH) – if applicable
  5. Actual/Estimate Flags

These are standard metering file formats & available from the metering agent. Please can you provide a sample of your metering file.

2. Key Site Information & Standing Data

In order to calculate the relevant charges (Network DUOS charges etc.) we need to understand certain key site details. For the current calculations performed within the system, we need:

Item Why we need it:
MPAN This is a unique identifier for each site in the system. Please note we need the full MPAN, which is the 21 digit version of the MPAN.
Connection Start Date We need to know when the site came on-board. This is specifically of interest for current year reporting, when a new site might be active for only part of the year.
Connection End Date Again, as above is a site is closed during the year we need to know this to take it out of the calculations.
Maximum Import Capacity This helps us to calculate network charges.
Maximum Export Capacity (if applicable) This helps us to calculate network charges.
Meter Type (HV/LV) This helps us to calculate network charges.
Tariff Information** i.e. what are the energy rates, and also how are the pass through charges calculated and displayed on the bill. We will need to see each sites set-up for charges.


3. Billing Files/Electronic Bills (EDIs)

Each supplier may have a different way in which they submit their bills. Also customers, may have elected for various versions of an electronic file for invoices. Utilidex will need a sample of your electronic file for invoices, often referred to as an EDI file.

4. Energy Trades/Contracts

Where customers have elected for a flexible purchasing contract, we will need the following key information from you:

  1. Trades that have been completed for your portfolio
  2. The methodology for how the “flexible purchase reconciliation” is completed.

We can work through this item with you.