Seamlessly integrate into your accounting software

Accounting Integration

Save valuable time on manual processing with our accounting integration tool. Using APIs, the Utilidex Hub can connect to most modern accounting packages and integrate validated bills directly into your software.

Key Features

  • Bespoke API into accounting software

  • One-click production of payment files
  • Bi-directional messaging from accounting software (if available)
  • Audit trail of paid and integrated invoices

Our accounting integration App works with your existing systems. Once the automated bill validation process is complete, the Utilidex Hub instructs the payment of bills which have passed the validation criteria and alerts the energy supplier that the validation process is complete. Payment files are then sent to your accounting software. To make things even easier, we’ve added bi-directional communication so your accounts software can also send confirmation messages that the file transfer is complete.


Applications to help you do more

You can purchase any one of our software products direct as a customer, or through our partner consultancy firms (TPIs), or via energy suppliers. Our goal is to make it easy for you to work together, and stay in control of your energy estate.


Energy Analytics


Utility Bill Validation

Budgeting & Demand Forecasting


Wall boards & Dashboards


Trading & Energy Procurement

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