Welcome to this week’s product update for Suppliers & Generators

Accurate billing is an essential aspect for energy suppliers, as it establishes the foundation for customer trust and long-term business relationships. However, the generation of invoices often involves the use of estimates which can pose challenges when reconciling with actual data. In response to this challenge, Utilidex has recently developed a reconciliation feature for Energy Suppliers that aims to deliver billing accuracy while optimising the billing process.

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Easy workflow to set-up charges that need to reconciled


The platform simplifies the process of marking charges as estimated or actual, making it easy to identify what charges are based on estimates. Suppliers also have the flexibility to set different reconciliation frequencies for each individual charge.

Additionally, network charges such as DUoS, TNUoS, and BSUoS, are automatically calculated, eliminating manual intervention and ensuring accurate reconciliation.

Accounting Integration

Quickly identify invoices billed on adjustments


The platform incorporates an intuitive method of identifying what invoices that adjustments, whether they are billed on estimated consumption or rates. Suppliers are also provided with the flexibility to skip adjustments when needed, accommodating unique situations or specific billing scenarios. This visibility allows for a swift overview of billing discrepancies, ensuring timely resolution.

Moreover, the platform offers easy access to view a comprehensive audit trail of all adjustments made for a specific meter. It promotes transparency and facilitates accurate record-keeping for reconciliation purposes. By leveraging these benefits, suppliers can effectively manage and resolve billing discrepancies, maintaining a robust reconciliation process and timely resolutions.

Trading Integration

Provide further transparency to customers


Each invoice will have a dedicated reconciliation section present on both PDF and online bills. Further, suppliers are provided with the functionality to add explanations to end-users for each line item to provide a clear understanding of each adjustment on the invoice.

The provision of this dedicated section promotes transparency in the billing process, improving customers’ trust. This feature can significantly enhance customer satisfaction by enabling them to identify the reasons for any adjustments made to their bills.

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