Utilidex and Eneco Partner together to deliver a cloud-based complex billing platform.


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Eneco, is an international energy company that supplies customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and UK with 100% renewable energy. Utilidex offers a platform that supports all aspects of supplier billing and an intuitive customer portal to support deeper collaboration between energy suppliers and their customers.

In partnership, Utilidex and Eneco have deployed the Utilidex Platform for energy billing, which integrates energy trading and SAP ERP, automatically calculating every energy line item providing the most transparent flex procurement client bill in the UK energy market.

Director and Co-Founder Mike McCloskey said, “Utilidex has really enjoyed working with the Eneco team and learnt a lot. We are very proud to support a specialist supplier of 100% renewable energy for the I&C market in the UK and we look forward to continuing our relationship and supporting Eneco’s ambitious growth plans in the years ahead.”

Head of Eneco Energy Trade in the UK, Nigel McManus said, “With this exciting partnership with Utilidex, Eneco can take a real step forward in the UK market by delivering a quality online billing and data experience for our consuming and generating customers. We see more improvements to come both in terms of transparency and useability of data to support customers on their journey towards carbon reduction and renewable power contracting”.

Drawing on each other’s experiences and collaborating with edenseven to benefit from their years of experience in energy markets, digital transformation and project management, the teams were able to deliver a seamless project and build a long-standing partnership, with more exciting developments in the UK supply business just around the corner.

About Utilidex,
Utilidex delivers a range of integrated software products supporting end-customers, consultants and energy suppliers for data management, billing, trading, budgeting and energy and carbon management. Delivered on the Microsoft Azure platform, our range of software products can be used independently, or as part of an integrated suite.
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About Eneco,
Eneco is an international energy company committed to accelerating the energy transition. Our One Planet Plan forms the basis for our ambition to be completely climate-neutral as early as 2035, in terms of both our own and our customers’ energy consumption. This requires radical electrification, phasing out natural gas in the production and supply of energy and accelerating sustainable heat. We invest in sustainable means of production, energy storage possibilities and smart energy solutions for consumers and businesses. Together we work on everyone’s sustainable energy.
www.eneco.com; www.eneco.co.uk
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About edenseven,
Edenseven is a sustainability consultancy that helps the planet by supporting organisations on their sustainability strategies using data and their extensive cross-sector knowledge in strategy, energy, carbon, ecosystem, and analytics to drive environmental and financial benefits for their customers.
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