The largest public energy spender uses Utilidex for managing their energy data.

Isn’t it time you made the switch too?

The Utilidex Energy.Hub is a unique, innovative and affordable energy management solution which will change the way you work – forever.

Save Money

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Four ways we help with your energy management


Validate, pay and process your utility bills within minutes of receiving supplier invoices

Validate bills in minutes not days and ensure you are not being overcharged for your Utilities, with our automated validation product. Immediately choose to query or pay a bill, which can be done instantly as our solution seamlessly integrates with your accounting software.


Ensure accurate billing and resolve issues with suppliers quickly

 Identify exceptions and issues quickly and send them directly to suppliers for speedy resolution. This means no more surprises and ensures accurate billing each month.



Automatically and accurately set budgets at the click of a button

Set budgets for your energy estates, and keep track of planned vs actual spend, by site and meter.  Quickly report over/under charges, and proactively work with your on-site teams to manage energy costs within agreed budgets.


Track Carbon and key Greenhouse Gas Emissions on a daily basis

Report on Carbon and Greenhouse gases, for both compliance and sustainability reasons, with a set of automated reports, which help you and your organisation achieve your agreed targets.

Four reasons to switch across today


Easy and intuitive to use

Our modern and innovative technology solution has been built with energy professionals in mind and we’re constantly going out of way to make your job easier.


Make everyone part of the energy challenge.

The Energy.Hub is available across web, mobile, dashboards and wallboards, meaning you can get your entire energy estate behind you in your carbon and cost reductions.


Simple and affordable pricing with no hidden user costs

You purchase a single licence which allows you unlimited users, meaning all stakeholders can easily view the data that’s relevant to them without you having to pay more.


Technology that doesn’t stand still

Don’t settle for the outdated and frustrating systems of yesterday. The Utilidex Energy.Hub is a cloud-first built platform which means your system will get instantly updated with all the latest features – for free.

“The Utilidex Energy.Hub will help enable us to achieve CCS’s ambitious energy and buildings strategies. We’re excited to be able to offer a more unique energy management system to our customers”

Colin Formby, Head of Energy Operations Crown Commercial Service

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