Welcome to this week’s product update for Suppliers & Generators

Collaborating with suppliers and generators, Utilidex has introduced new features including integrating with external price sources, introducing EBRS as a line item and making accessing invoices easier for end-customers through their customisable dashboard.

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 Supplier Billing


Automatically Calculate Government Rebate (EBRS)


Continuously automating the suppliers experience, Utilidex has updated the billing system to comply with the new government energy bill rebate scheme, EBRS.

Introducing the Government Price Cap as a new line item for each of their customers tariffs, suppliers can verify the discount for their customer’s and ensure all rebates are stored in a central report to view and easily share.

Customer Portal

Accounting Integration

Access and quickly view invoices


End-customers can now easily view all their invoices in one screen and quickly filter to access the data that matters to them. With access to a full breakdown of the bill and the ability to download a PDF copy of the invoices, customers will have full transparency of all their bills and charges.

Alongside a new widget on their customisable dashboard to see how many invoices they have and when their next bill is due.

Trade Evaluation

Trading Integration

Trading strategies built for you


Easily evaluate any trades or credits to check if prices and volumes are correct by benchmarking against third-party prices for gas and power.

With the ability to integrate trades with prices from National Grid, EPEX, Leba, N2EX and more, users can compare granular traded price down to the minute to ensure wholesale transactions are accurately valued.

Trade Settlements

Trading Integration

Identify your counterparty exposure


Generators and suppliers can now automatically calculate their exposure and outstanding credits with their counterparties to easily identify peak and off-peak prices the trades were purchased at and compare to the settlement price.

With the new report risk managers can easily see all their trades, what is settled, the outstanding mark to market exposure, and their credit exposure.

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