Take control of your FX costs with uniquely independent FX data and measurement tools.

New Change are an award-winning FX data company, empowering clients across the industry with access to data that’s truly independent and measurement that’s truly objective.


New Change Fx



– Data Tool

TCA Analysis

Automatic TCA tools powered by the world’s only live, independent FX data feed.

New Change FX are the only TCA provider to calculate their own consolidated FX data feed. With intuitive, easily accessible tools powered by NCFX data, you have the level playing field you need to measure your FX costs easily and accurately and objectively.

Data Tool

Live, independent FX midrates in 2,500 spot currency pairs and almost 9,000 standard forward tenors.

NCFX calculate a live, consolidated FX midrate millions of times a day from independent sources. So that you can measure your trades without relying on data or analysis provided by your executing bank or broker.

Using data that comes directly from a trading platform which directly forms part of your cost, or data that comes from a source that can be used to execute your business by your bank or broker means that you are measuring inside the cost-chain. As soon as FX data comes from within your FX cost chain, the possibility is that you have a result that suits the cost-chain, and not you.

Use NCFX data to ensure meaningful comparisons between your trading choices.