We’re on a mission to bring to life the important data aspects of your energy estates. As part of a broader initiative, we’ve been making improvements to the reporting section in the Hub, with an upgrade this week that splits out key reports across our different modules. This means you’ll now be able to get a series of reports directly from the My Reports section, covering important data across metering, site management, billing, validation, budgeting and trading.

More metering magic

We’ve also put a number of additional reporting features into the metering key foundation module.  These include a set of useful exception reports which help you identify missing data, data you’re receiving for sites that aren’t yours, and sites which may have incorrect metering configurations.  Enabling you to quickly resolve any meter data issues, before they become real problems.

We’ve added an SLA report in metering too, which helps you track whether metering data is being received within agreed data timelines.  And we’ve made it easier for you to ensure your providers can log in; so they too, can check missing data.

We know good meter data is the linchpin for all things energy related, so we’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you manage this important aspect of your estate.

Quicker querying

We’ve introduced a query management report to help you better manage your outstanding queries in bill validation. You can easily export this data into excel, giving you one list of all the issues currently in dispute, along with reason codes, amounts and who has ownership over resolving the issue. You can track tasks associated with queries without having to click through EDIs and you can export reason codes to your supplier, giving you greater control of the process.

And other helpful tools

We’ve made life a little easier in energy management too, with a useful site consumption summary report, which provides a quick overview of consumption in both kWh and cost terms for the period requested, per site. We’ve also added a vacant energy report, so you can spot where sites might be using more than planned on out-of-hours operations.

The data sciencey bit

As we mentioned, this first set of changes, is part of a much broader initiative.  We’ve specifically set aside new resources in a new Data Science section of the business.  Phase I of this initiative was to add a reporting framework, which has now been added. During Phase II we plan to look at how we can improve visualizations – we’ve taken a look at Power BI and we’re very interested in speaking with customers that wish to integrate third party tools.  We’ve also been looking at different Machine Learning/Algorithm approaches to data and this will all form part of Phase III.

We put client insights at the heart of what we do. So if you are interested in contributing and helping, as we advance our reporting frameworks, please get in touch with your Account Manager.  Have any specific questions about this week’s spotlight feature?  We would love to hear from you.