The only technology platform to actively capture value from corporate actions.

SCORPEO are empowering their clients with market leading technology enabling them to capture the full economic value from corporate actions. SCORPEO’s unique technology delivers the solutions seamlessly and efficiently, helping clients improve fund performance and driving investor returns.




– Corporate Actions TCA™

– Value Capture Programme™

Corporate Actions TCA™

A new and vital report for asset managers, pension funds and their service providers to add transparency and drive better outcomes for investors.

An industry first TCA offering clients detailed reporting on missed value in corporate actions. SCORPEO Corporate Actions TCA™ reports show missed value on both live and historical scrip dividend events across global markets.

With data sourced globally from multiple venues, including stock exchange announcements and corporate issuers, SCORPEO’s core engine analyses client position and election data to generate reports that offer valuable insight into the election process and the performance impact for investors.

Value Capture Programme™

A unique technology platform that actively captures missed value in corporate actions.

With around one million corporate actions a year and over a hundred different types, it is increasingly difficult for investment managers to make economically optimal elections and optimise the value within the strict deadlines. It takes time, resources, expertise and also the relevant investment mandate to capture the value.

The SCORPEO VALUE CAPTURE PROGRAMME™ is a technology platform that acts as a safety net for managers by ensuring that any sub-optimal elections are caught and optimised. Enabling you to satisfy fiduciary requirements, increase fund returns and ultimately deliver value back to investors.