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Compared to electricity and gas bills, water is typically a much lower expense. However, it is a necessary expense for any business and they can often be a source of frustration and confusion. One of the main reasons for this is that water bills can be affected by factors such as leakage and surface water, which can lead to inaccurate billing.

Utilidex is excited to announce our upgrade to the Bill Validation product which tackles customers frustrations with their water meters and provides a seamless user experience for customers to perform water bill validation based on their actual usage and contracted rates.


What’s changed for our customers?


Capturing metering data to spot outliers

Leakage is a major issue for water companies, with an estimated 3 billion litres of water lost every day in the UK alone. This not only has a significant environmental impact but can also lead to increased costs for businesses. 

To help on finding leakages, Utilidex has updated the manual reads functionality to allow for users to report on their start and end reads. Also, where there are AMR water meters these can be automatically captured in the platform. This usage can then be used to spot outliers in their usage and compare against supplier bills to check for accuracy.

Utilidex has also updated their customisable dashboard to include new water widgets. These widgets allow customers to view their total water consumption, carbon, and more to provide a clear and concise view of their water usage, making it easier to track and manage their usage overtime.

Compare contracted rates to ensure accurate billing


Another factor in inaccurate billing is surface water, which is rainwater that falls on a property and runs off into the drainage system. This can include water from roofs, driveways, and other hard surfaces. Many water companies charge businesses for surface water drainage, which can be a significant expense.

With our latest upgrade, users can now add supplier pricing to create tariffs and add rates to validate each line in their water bills. This feature helps to ensure that users are paying the correct amount for their water usage, and can help to identify any discrepancies in their bills.

Accounting Integration
Trading Integration

Reducing Environmental Impact


Validating water bills for leakage and surface water can help businesses identify any discrepancies in their bills and ensure that they are not being charged for water that they are not consuming or actually generating.

Doing so, businesses can also reduce their environmental impact. By identifying and addressing leakage, businesses and households can reduce their water consumption and conserve this valuable resource. Similarly, by reducing the amount of surface water that is drained away, businesses and households can help to reduce the risk of flooding and protect the environment.


Users will also have access to the updated reports to view and identify areas where water usage can be reduced, helping to reduce bills and conserve this valuable resource. By identifying and addressing leakage, businesses can reduce their water bills and save money in the long term.

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