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Bring your systems into the 21st century.

Join the many organisations making the switch to the Utilidex Energy.Hub, a smarter choice for managing your energy.

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Four ways we help with your energy management


Validate 100% of your energy bill within minutes of receiving the supplier invoices – including the energy rate

The Energy.Hub is the only bill validation solution on the market to validate 100% of your energy bills, including all non-commodity costs, and to calculate and validate the energy rate based on your trades for flexible contracts


Easily add and validate manual bills in bulk

Manual bills can be added through a simple user interface, or added in bulk using our uploader, they can then be processed through the validation engine.



Better manage your procurement strategy

Benchmark the performance of your trade strategy, whilst accurately budgeting full utility costs for flexible pricing contracts. 


Track Carbon and key Greenhouse Gas Emissions on a daily basis

Report on Carbon and Greenhouse gases, for compliance and sustainability reasons, with a set of automated reports that help your customers achieve their agreed targets.

Four reasons to switch across today


Easy and intuitive to use

Our modern and innovative technology solution has been built with energy professionals in mind and we’re constantly going out of way to make your job easier.


A single user licence that provides unlimited logins for your customers

Our cloud first platform means that you are not restricted by the number of users you can have in the system. Under your single company licence, you can have unlimited user accounts for you end customers.


A simple per meter pricing structure that has 3 core modules, there are no hidden costs.

You are only charged on a per meter basis, which includes all cloud hosting, support and monthly product updates.


Account management, help desk and support team at hand to help with your queries

Our aim is to make sure you can competently use our products but we are always there to help when you have queries, and will train you on new features as they become available.

“The Utilidex Energy.Hub will help enable us to achieve CCS’s ambitious energy and buildings strategies. We’re excited to be able to offer a more unique energy management system to our customers”

Colin Formby, Head of Energy Operations Crown Commercial Service

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