In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, the transition towards clean and sustainable energy is at the forefront of global efforts. Energy suppliers are increasingly adopting Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to support this shift. However, managing the complex billing associated with PPAs, alongside supply billing, has posed challenges for many in the industry. Recognising the need for a seamless and efficient solution, Utilidex has stepped up to offer a comprehensive cloud platform that simplifies the entire process, from billing to reconciliations for suppliers and their customers. 
supply and PPA Billing
One of the key challenges in the energy industry has been the efficient management of billing processes for both energy supply and PPAs. Utilidex’s billing system empowers energy suppliers and generators to streamline their operations by unifying billing for Central Volume Allocation (CVA) and Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) PPAs. 

Utilidex’s innovative and integrated solution eliminates the complexities associated with traditional billing methods, ensuring accuracy and efficiency for the precise management of billing and financial management. 

data-driven insight
Accurate billing is not just about numbers; it’s about understanding the performance of your energy assets and making informed decisions. Utilidex’s modern billing system is designed to automatically capture data, offering a detailed overview of energy usage across various sites. This empowers customers to assess the effectiveness of their energy assets, pinpoint opportunities for optimisation, and refine their overall energy management strategies. 

In today’s landscape, where every choice contributes to the transition to sustainable energy, these insights prove essential for businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of modern billing and optimise their energy.

billing reconciliation
Billing accuracy is the foundation of trust and long-term relationships in the energy sector. However, the use of estimates for consumption or rates often leads to reconciliation challenges. Recognising this, Utilidex has introduced a reconciliation feature to ensure billing accuracy and a more efficient process for energy suppliers. 

The benefits are significant. Suppliers can easily mark charges as estimated or actual, enhancing transparency. Different reconciliation frequencies can be set for various charges, including network charges like DUoS, TNUoS, and BSUoS. Suppliers can quickly identify invoices requiring adjustments, promoting timely resolutions. The flexibility to skip adjustments when necessary, accommodates unique situations. Further, suppliers will have access to a comprehensive audit trail to maintain an accurate record-keeping. 

Serving the Energy Transition  

The urgency and importance of transitioning to clean energy sources cannot be overstated. Utilidex’s commitment to supporting sustainable initiatives aligns with the global movement towards a net zero future. By extending our billing system to cover PPAs and providing end-customers with real-time access to their consumption and generation data, Utilidex is empowering individuals and businesses to make informed decisions that contribute to a cleaner energy future.  

Utilidex is streamlining billing processes with accurate tracking of energy usage and production, empowering energy suppliers and their customers to make a seamless transition to cleaner energy sources. PPAs simplify the purchase of energy from renewable sources, while Utilidex’s billing system makes it easier for customers to track their contributions to the grid and monitor their progress towards sustainability goals.

A Comprehensive Solution 

In a world where energy suppliers need to efficiently manage both supply and PPA billing while ensuring billing accuracy through reconciliation, Utilidex’s platform offers a comprehensive solution. It simplifies operations, provides valuable data-driven insights, and fosters transparency with their customers. With Utilidex, the energy transition becomes not only possible but more efficient.

Join us in the journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future, one bill at a time!


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