A simple, easy to use flex procurement platform for customers, consultants, and suppliers

Manage flexible procurement processes including transactions, purchase requirements, demand and generation forecasting and price curves to support hedge strategy and measure overall performance.

Key product benefits


Benchmark the performance of your trade strategy and accurately budget full utility costs for flexible price contracts



Risk management and alerting framework


Allows suppliers, consultants, and customers to use a single portal to view information



A single company licence with unlimited users


Links with the Energy.Hub’s bill processing module to check energy rate calculations and correct apportionment


Integrates position management, risk, and reporting


Features End Customers Consultants Suppliers
Deal Entry
Trade Capture
Trade Impact Analysis
Position Management
Position Requirements
Historical Records
Market Prices
Third Party Market Data
Market Price Analytics
Portfolio Management
Performance Benchmarking
Budget Management
Imbalance Cost
Market Price Alerts
Budget Alerts
Data Management
Excel Add In
Data Audit Log
API Integration
Branded Landing Page
Internal System Integration

the energy.hub’s integrated software modules

You can purchase our software products direct as a customer, or through one of our partner consultants or suppliers.

Energy Analytics

Take control of your cost, carbon and consumption in a powerful energy management platform.

Bill Processing

Create efficiencies and remove manual work, by automating bill management with straight-through processing from EDI receipt to payments