Utilidex announced today that the leading tyre retailer in the UK, European Tyre Enterprise Limited (ETEL) is going live with the Utilidex Hub, the industry’s first fully integrated platform combining energy management, validation and procurement in one simple, easy to use technology product.

ETEL is the parent company of Kwik Fit, as well as other tyre businesses including distribution company Stapletons, operating at over 800 sites across the UK with a combined turnover of nearly £1bn. With deployment planned at sites across the group, the Hub will bring their complex energy data onto one platform and provide dynamic, real-time visibility of energy usage and consumption.

“We are delighted to be working with the team at ETEL and look forward to making this partnership a great success. ETEL is a forward thinking company with a really innovative approach to energy management. Our intuitive digital platform will enable the company to manage and maintain their complex energy data in real-time and in one place. And provide the small team with some really powerful tools that automate many resource-heavy processes”

Richard Lewin, Commercial Director, Utilidex.

The Great Data Challenge

We face an increasingly complex energy world and energy teams are contending with a whole array of concerns from regulatory changes, price changes, and third party increases to on-site generation and optimisation. Like many energy professionals, the team at ETEL were looking for a technology solution to deal with this growing complexity.

“What Utilidex offers, to companies like ours, is the possibility of capturing our vast amounts of data, and turning it into something that’s really useful. Automated digital bill validation will also make a real difference to our business enabling us to significantly reduce the validation process and improve transparency”

Nigel Janes, Facilities Manager, ETEL

Small changes, big possibilities

Reducing energy costs doesn’t have to be complex, it’s the simplest changes that often create the biggest savings. The Hub simplifies even the most complex data, enabling employees across the business to see real time energy usage by individual location.

Using Utilidex’s reports we have everything we need to know and more about our energy usage – so we can identify wasted energy in an instant. Many large businesses might have a very small team of 2-3 people actively engaged in saving energy. Imagine what you can achieve when you have 7000 employees actively engaged in saving energy? Utilidex is the way forward in capturing data and analysing it to promote savings across every aspect of the business”

Ian Kirkpatrick, Group HR, Estates and Facilities Director, ETEL.

We can help small teams make a big difference to their energy estates. If you would like to find out more about how the Utilidex Hub can change what’s possible in your business, please contact Richard Lewin.