Energy technology company, Utilidex, are pleased to announce that Andrew Beasley has joined the leadership team, in a newly created role of Director of Supply & Generation to evolve and develop the company’s offerings within the supply & generation market.

Andrew brings over 20 years’ experience in the energy industry, including a number of senior management roles.  Andy is a firm believer in applying technology to transform relationships across the entire supply chain.

“Andrew has held senior and director level positions in energy and energy support businesses and we’re delighted that he’s chosen to join the leadership team” says Richard Brys, Utilidex’s CEO. “To date we have largely focussed on how we serve large end customers and have built a business around our core SaaS offerings of analytics, bill processing and procurement.  Having Andrew on-board enables us to truly extend these offerings, into Supplier solutions where we have the unique ability to create an energy platform, where Suppliers & Customers can manage their energy estates together, online.”

Andrew has a deep and extensive understanding of the Power & Gas sector having previously held roles as Managing Director of Flow Energy, General Manager –  Utilities at Flogas, and Director of Technology and Procurement at Utilita Energy.  He strongly believes in a joined-up supply chain mentality and that, in order for this to happen, all parties must be able to access and derive value and actionable insights from the same, single technology platform.

Andrew comments, “Our aim is to help energy companies   transform the entire supply chain via IT. Far too much management time is expended in reconciling information, planning very static scenarios  and trying to control risk that as a result opportunities are lost in the increasingly dynamic and changing environment.  I am excited to be joining the Utilidex team to head up the Supplier and Generator business. Utilidex, combines the best in technology with a deep understanding of the business that they are servicing. They truly embrace SaaS, ensuring ongoing enhancements, regular releases and using the best of breed IT and cloud solutions to enable their customers.”


For further information on Utilidex, please contact: [email protected]