In an exciting development, Utilidex is setting its sights on new horizons – the energy markets of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. This expansion represents a significant milestone in Utilidex’s journey, as we extend our expertise beyond the UK and explore fresh opportunities across Europe. The energy markets of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France are known for their diversity and intricacy, serving a wide range of sectors. Utilidex, a company renowned for excellence in energy management and billing solutions, is ready to provide its comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of these markets. Utilidex’s SaaS offering includes Complex Billing, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Billing with Reconciliations, Data and Bill Auditing, Energy Analytics, and Flex Procurement.

So, what makes this expansion significant, and what can stakeholders in these markets anticipate from Utilidex?

Expertise in Complex Billing

Utilidex has mastered the art of handling complex billing processes, from calculating energy rates to integrating with accounting systems. We understand that navigating the Dutch, German, Belgian and French markets can be challenging due to their complex tariff structures and varying regulations. With our experience, Utilidex aims to offer tailored solutions that streamline billing complexities for businesses across these regions.


PPA Billing

In an era where sustainable energy practices are gaining traction, Utilidex’s capabilities in PPA billing and reconciliations provide a valuable asset. By ensuring transparent and accurate accounting for energy transactions, businesses can confidently make strides towards their renewable energy initiatives.


Bill Auditing

Validating utility bills is crucial for cost control and accurate financial management. Utilidex’s expansion into the Dutch, German, Belgian and French markets equips businesses with reliable software to check the quality of their energy bills, helping them stay on top of their expenses and build a more collaborative relationship with suppliers.


Energy and Carbon Analytics

As sustainability and carbon reduction take centre stage for businesses globally, Utilidex’s energy and carbon analytics come into play. These tools enable organisations to monitor, analyse, and optimise their energy consumption while reducing their carbon footprint. With the ability to automate alerts on energy processes and reports to key stakeholders.


Flex Procurement

Effective management of flexible procurement portfolios is necessary piece for controlling costs and mitigating risks. Utilidex offers businesses an integrated platform that enables them to assess market prices, monitor their positions, understand costs, and handle risk management.

Utilidex’s entry into the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France energy markets is not just about introducing new services but also about gaining a deeper understanding of the unique energy landscapes in these countries. Utilidex is committed to working closely with local partners and stakeholders to ensure that our solutions are finely tuned to address the specific needs and intricacies of these markets.

We invite you to stay tuned as Utilidex embarks on this exciting journey. Our dedication to providing innovative solutions that empower organisations to thrive in these dynamic sectors is a testament to our vision for a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

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