Utilidex is pleased to announce the launch of its Energy.Hub product in Australia, in partnership with Australian Systems Integration Pty. Ltd. (ASI).

The partnership brings together a wealth of Australian Energy Market experience, as well as a proven product used by some of the largest energy suppliers, government entities and customers in the UK market.

Prior to launching the partnership Patricia Paech MBA (Director ASI/Advisor Utilidex) co-founded the Energy Consultancy, known as Professional Utility Board (PUB). Based in Sydney, Australia, Patricia led PUB to become one of the leading energy practitioners in managing multi-national complex energy management services, supplying some of the largest energy customers in Australia.

Graeme (Director of ASI) founded ASI in 1988 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, having successfully delivered world class Services in Consultancy, Project Management, Systems Integration, Technical Support and Systems design on both a national and global scale, to some of the largest government and commercial entities in Australia.

“I’m really excited to be working with Utilidex, and helping customers in Australia better understand their cost, carbon and consumption”, commented Patricia “Its well documented that our energy system is changing.  The continued reduction in cost of renewables, focus on Carbon Net Zero, and a recognition from consultants and energy suppliers that we need to support our customers in that transition, really helps support the need for a technology solution like Utilidex. We’re excited about the value we can deliver to our customers, and how we can play our part in Australia’s energy transition.”

Utilidex & ASI are presently working with a number of clients and are busy setting up & installing the platform and establishing relationships with supplier & metering companies in the market. We very much would like to hear from any customers, suppliers or consultants who would like to have an introduction to the platform.

“Its been such a pleasure working with Pat and Graeme to get ready for the Australian market”, commented Richard Brys, CEO of Utilidex, “Having worked in Australia for over 10 years in energy, I knew it was important that we not only got the software right, but we also had a partnership with somebody that shared our passion for helping and supporting customers. And I am confident we have done that.  The team and I really look forward to working with customers, and helping play our part in the energy transition”.

For customers, suppliers or consultants in Australia & New Zealand who are interested in learning more, please contact Patricia Paech [email protected]

For the UK, Europe and US, please contact [email protected]