Utilidex will supply Crown Commercial Service (CCS) with a new energy management system. Utilidex’s dynamic platform, the Utilidex Energy.Hub, will enhance the way customers manage their energy estates and will allow CCS to drive added value from both a trading and commercial perspective.

In June 2018, Utilidex was named as a supplier on CCS’s Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary Services RM3800 framework for the supply of energy management software.

CCS supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services and serves over 1,200 public sector energy customers. CCS is responsible for an energy portfolio worth £1.6bn per annum, the largest value outside of the big six.

Richard Lewin, Corporate Business Director of Utilidex, said, “We are incredibly excited to work with CCS to deliver the new energy management system. The Utilidex Energy.Hub will bring CCS and its customers increased data accuracy and greater visibility of their energy estates. It will also allow improved self-service and reporting capabilities, driving efficiency and cost savings.”

The service will be available to new and existing customers and will deliver:

● Increased data accuracy via direct data up/downloads from suppliers and system operators

● Improved data management to facilitate a more accurate understanding of the estate position of each department and improved accuracy in tracking usage profiles, allowing efficiencies/savings to be identified and delivered

● Bespoke report building, enabling the identification of benchmarks of similar sites to highlight areas of high consumption patterns, where changes to the buildings could lead to reduced consumption

● An increased ability to self-manage energy estates, including self-serve on-boarding and estate changes (the ability to add/remove sites)


Colin Formby, Head of Energy Operations adds, “the Utilidex Energy.Hub will help enable us to achieve CCS’s ambitious energy and buildings strategies. We’re excited to be able to offer a more unique energy management system to our customers and are looking forward to working with Utilidex.”

Crown Commercial Service uses the collective buying power of the entire public sector and our commercial expertise to help our customers save time and money when buying common goods and services.


In 2017/18 CCS helped 17,000 buyers save £601m of public money using CCS commercial agreements. The ability for CCS to access live customer data through the Utilidex Energy.Hub will inform the development and delivery of trading strategies and energy efficiency and demand management initiatives through the full suite of CCS Energy framework agreements.

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About Utilidex:

Utilidex builds exciting technology and data solutions to create value in the energy industry. Our experienced team is passionate about addressing the complex challenges facing the energy communities today, employing innovative thinking and industry expertise and always putting the customer at the heart of all we do. The Utilidex Energy.Hub puts customers in control of their energy estate with a set of clever, integrated applications which are all driven from a unified data set. Our easy-to-use software helps individuals, teams and partners to all manage on one integrated platform. So, whether you are buying, selling or managing energy consumption and validating bills, we deliver the solutions to create more transparent, efficient, smarter ways of working. Utilidex is one of the founding-50 members of Innovate Finance, and a Microsoft managed partner.



About Crown Commercial Services.

Crown Commercial Service uses the collective buying power of the entire public sector and our commercial expertise to help our customers save time and money when buying common goods and services. We aim to be our customers’ ‘go to’ provider – helping them to deliver public services in an efficient and effective way in the best interests of our citizens. We also lead on developing and implementing procurement policy to strengthen the UK economy.

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