Working with passionate Entrepreneurs to make their vision a reality.

As a former self-funded start-up ourselves we are passionate about supporting like–minded individuals to achieve their new company aspirations.

How we support

From our side, we can offer like–minded passionate people, that truly care about turning your vision into a reality, and can help with everything from sales, customer introductions, marketing, as well as technology and product build.

We typically offer significant reductions on technology build and sales, marketing, customer introductions to help you win those all–important first customers to get you on your way.

What we look for

We are always on the look–out for further opportunities in energy, finance, or healthcare.

We look for three things in a prospective owner of a new software business:

  • You must be passionate about the problem you are solving, and looking to change your industry in a meaningful way.
  • You must be a  domain expert and know the business you are venturing into well. We are after those that know a problem well, and have the passion and patience to solve it.
  • You must be in it for the long-term,moving from start-up to being an established player

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Our partners

Leverages data, technology and expertise to shine a light on the hidden cost of trading foreign exchange.

Produce and publish the world's only continous, officially regulated benchmark rates.

An industry first TCA offering clients detailed reporting on missed value in corporate actions.

Captures the missed value in corporate action elections. Powered by SCORPEO Harmonia™ technology.

Regulatory change and compliance management.

An end to end technology solution for automating the identification, impact and compliance with global regulatory rule developments.

Digital banking re-imagined. Steamlined, integrated, and end-to-end.

Pioneering an all-in-one experience for core banking and payment services and become the only bank your customers need.