Energy budgeting
made simple


Streamline your processes with our automated budgeting tool. Produce both automatic and non-interval meter data and use this accurate information to inform budget setting. The system provides quick and easy access to estimated future utility spends using energy tariffs and site data. You can run and re-run your budgets at the click of a button, giving you instant access to tracking and reporting throughout the year.

Key Features

  • Automated budget calculation

  • Budget tracking
  • Quick tools for easy identification of key aspects causing over or under budget
  • A suite of Budget reports
Driven by meter data, our powerful budgeting App allows you to derive future budgets from the previous year’s volumes. Before any budget is calculated, we provide the tools to ensure that metering gaps can be identified and filled, and tariffs validated. Forecasts are then produced for a defined period and can be tracked throughout the year with a simple and intuitive user interface. You can access reports which highlight deviations from the original set budget and we’ve made it easy to see where any differences have come through. Our helpful tracking tool comes with a set of handy indicators that let you know about volume, cost, MWh and % variances.

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Applications to help you do more

You can purchase any one of our software products direct as a customer, or through our partner consultancy firms (TPIs), or via energy suppliers. Our goal is to make it easy for you to work together, and stay in control of your energy estate.


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