Energy bill validation is the process of checking and confirming that the charges on your energy bills are accurate and reflect your actual energy usage, as well as ensuring that the rates charged are in accordance with your energy contract. This process can help identify any discrepancies, errors, or overcharges in your energy bills, such as incorrect meter readings, erroneous tariff application, or billing for services not received.

The validation process typically involves several steps: 


  • Data Collection: Gathering all relevant energy bills, contracts, and consumption data
  • Review of Rates: Checking that the billed rates match those agreed upon in your energy contract.
  • Consumption Analysis: Verifying that the energy consumption reported matches your actual usage, often requiring meter reading verification. 
  • Error Identification: Looking for common billing errors, such as double billing or incorrect VAT charges. 
  • Report and Rectify: Producing a report detailing any found issues and working with the energy provider to rectify any errors and, if necessary, obtain refunds or credits. 


Energy bill validation can be done manually by the consumer or through specialised services and software. It is particularly important for businesses, which may have complex energy needs and contracts, to ensure they are not overpaying for their energy and to maintain budget accuracy. 


Why Is bill validation important? 

Why Is bill validation important?

How does Utilidex help?

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