Automated bill processing,

for customers, suppliers and TPI’s.

A collaborative approach to Bill Validation putting an end to errors. 

In our experience, we have found that bills are under charged just as much as they are overcharged and billing problems create issues for both the customer as much as they do the supplier.  Yes, bills have to be right, which is why our Validation engine is capable of checking 100% of your bill, including your energy rate.  We also know the two critical ingredients for managing bill processing is accurate billing data and quick effective query management to resolve issues promptly.  Not only are we one of the only vendors to check all components of your bill (including your energy rate), but we also allow your supplier and metering companies to log in, so issues can be resolved once and for all.

Key product benefits


Multiple checks ranging from sites, tariffs and the creation of a shadow bill


Proactive approach to bill data management. Check site data with your supplier & metering company prior to receiving or creating any bills


The only platform where flex buyers can add their trades to validate the energy rate


Online portal, with unlimited user licences, where you, your supplier & metering company can share queries to resolve them efficiently 


Trusted by leading large companies, and energy suppliers



Features End Customers Consultants Suppliers
Data Management
Site Data
Meter Data
Bill Creation
Tariff / Component Creation
Rates Uploader
EDI / XLS Mapping
Bill Creation
Accrual Creation
Bill Checking & Processing
All Power, Gas and Water connection data checked
Non Commodity charges validated
Energy rate calculated & validated
Query / Issue Collaboration
Central Query & Dispute Management
Accounting System Integration
Automatic Payment File Export
Advanced Reporting
Reports & Excel downloads
Power BI Integration
Supplier / TPI
Carbon Reduction Management
Internal System Integration

the energy.hub’s integrated software modules

You can purchase our software products direct as a customer, or through one of our partner consultants or suppliers.

Energy Analytics

Take control of your cost, carbon and consumption in a powerful energy management platform.


Provide full, financial transparency to your procurement strategy, highlighting the risks and rewards by locking-in energy prices over time.