Welcome to the latest updates across our integrated energy products for Customers, Suppliers and TPIs.

The following updates will be rolled out over the next few weeks to our customers. Please note our teams will be booking in training sessions to help you get the most out of these new changes, which we trust will help make your energy life easier.

Utilidex – My Analytics

Updated feature – My Analytics – Create your own personalised dashboard, to track and view data and information that is important to you.

Keeping track of the items that matter to you does not have to be difficult. Whether you’re a site administrator wondering about how many sites have changed, or someone managing bill processing, or an energy procurer wondering about the latest cost of energy, you can now create a personalised dashboard to answer all of your questions.

Suppliers, Customers and Service providers/TPIs can now personalise their own dashboard and content to display the key data that is relevant to them. It is like the cockpit of your energy rocket!

In the first release we’ve provided 10 widgets answering questions such as: what is the total number of meters within my portfolio, consumption & carbon vs. last year, through to how much money has been saved through the billing processing engine.

You can personalise data, so you can select the data sets you want displayed, for example periods, groups or sites. These are then applied at a user, or portfolio level dependent on your preference. The dashboard provides a great first glance when logging in, from which you can then navigate to the more granular Business Intelligence tools and reports available within your Energy.Hub. Each user of your system can tailor the data that matters to them.

We’ll be rolling out new widgets and charts on a fortnightly basis, and would love to hear your feedback on the stats and information that matters most to you. We’d like to say a special thanks to our exceptional customers, who keep providing invaluable input and information to help make our products better for everyone!

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New Feature Update – Automation

Quickly and easily compare your site list with your supplier or service provider.

It has always been our philosophy to have everyone working on the same data. And we have gone to great lengths to make sure everyone can log into a central platform to see the most up-to-date information.

We recognise that suppliers’/TPIs’ and customers’ data can sometimes go out of sync, due to site changes during a month. And when they are different this has adverse effects on your energy purchase requirements as well as the potential to create billing issues.

This month we have released a site list comparison tool, which allows you to upload a site list, which you can then compare against your own portfolio. The report will then highlight discrepancies between the lists so you can correct any data between parties.

In the future we would like to see this move to an automated once a month process between suppliers and TPIs/Service Providers, which is run automatically at the start of the month. Our research indicates that the two biggest sources of bill errors is incorrect meter data, and differences in site data. So, our goal is to eradicate these issues by performing standard data checks at the start of each month.

Using a set of standard templates, you can upload a site list from your supplier or service provider. The tool compares what is in the list with what’s in your system, detailing missing sites, or closed sites, as well as change of businesses. You can then use this information to easily correct the data within the new Site Administration process.

We anticipate TPIs/Service Providers managing large complex portfolios would be best to look at this process once a month, or once a quarter, to make sure all data is in sync. It only takes a few minutes to run.

Taking a proactive approach to site management data will reduce billing errors, make purchase lists more accurate and help with the management of your estate between your trusted supply partners.

Updated Feature – User Management

Updated Feature – Add, edit and set up new roles in the Energy.Hub. 

Our goal is to allow you to set up and share energy data across your partners, suppliers and customers so everyone can engage in energy.  To help with the process of setting up different types of users, we’ve extended the capability for you to edit/update and create your own user roles.  This means you can create different groups and classes of users which can then have different access to different modules/menus as well as different data sets within the application.

We have updated the User management tools available, allowing you to easily set up a new role.  You can add different types of roles, and control exactly what you want each role type to see. E.g. you can add a profile named ‘Site User’, or ‘Site User (Advanced)’ and define the exact screens and data they have upon login.

Updated Feature – Search for and administer your group and customer information within a few clicks.

Customers with large numbers of end users can now quickly update the group information from within the group’s administrative menu.  We have added our new data tables allowing you to search for and find information rapidly.

As well as the above we have improved the user experience in how you add, edit, and remove users from your Energy.Hub.

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