The Utilidex Energy.Hub  Supporting All Your Energy Needs in an Integrated Platform

What is the Energy.Hub?


The Energy.Hub is an integrated platform hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud where you can access all your key energy data in one central platform to easily manage your energy portfolio. With security and scalability at the core of what we do, the Energy.Hub can grant unlimited user access to end-customers, consultants and suppliers so everyone can safely work together and update data in real-time.
The Energy.Hub collects and automates all data necessary to perform accurate bill validation, manage your flex procurement strategy and perform energy and carbon management. The Energy.Hub platform is module based and can be purchased separately or as a package.

Be in control of your energy estates with our Data Platform

We understand the time-consuming tasks that goes into managing your estates across your portfolio, particularly when working with spreadsheets. This is why the Enegry.Hub made it easy to handle all your sites, their connected commodities and assets. Our software was built to be a multi-tenanted, role-based solution for entities such as suppliers, purchasing organisations and consultants, where their customers can log-in and access their energy information to support a self-service model for certain activities such as site changes.

The Data Platform brings together your portfolio management in one easy to use workflow, allowing customers to save time by doing site additions and changes of tenancy in bulk with a thorough audit trail of any changes. Alongside this, you can be assured any changes are approved by the right people such as System Admin or Estate Managers and streamlined directly to your suppliers for an automated process.


Savings at your fingertips with Bill Validation

Not only does the Energy.Hub hold all the information needed to perform accurate validation, it also enables users to be proactive when checking data before a bill arrives. Users can check the quality of their site, pricing, and consumption data before the bill arrives. Having accurate data in your system enables you to quickly identify errors of real value when you conduct bill validation.

Our validation module easily allows users to automate the collection of meter data and bills, then provides a shadow bill to see the differences of what our system received in consumption compared to what was received in your bill. The Energy.Hub has an additional 30 checks for your gas, power and water bills to further ensure your bills are accurate.

Using our system has helped customers quickly identify what bills need further analysis, the bills that can be disputed with suppliers and an easy to manage query management to track a bills payment status. Further, customers can support their Accounting/Finance team by exporting payment files directly from the system.

Supporting your trading decisions and strategy with the Flex Purchasing module

The Flex Procurement module (ETRM) brings together all the necessary items of your flex procurement strategy to quickly identify how you are performing against the market. With our insightful data visualisers (Power BIs), customers can manage their forward forecast curve and quickly understand their unhedged cost and exposure to market.

Within reports and Power BIs customers can quickly view all the trades they have entered for a given period, analyse their performance, and identify where and when to buy or sell. Customers can also conduct scenario trading to understand how different trades could impact their portfolios performance by seeing how the price and cost could vary.


Powerful Energy Analytics to guide your cost, consumption and carbon journeys

As the Energy.Hub holds your portfolios energy data, it provides the foundation for your teams to conduct benchmarking, carbon reporting and much more. With access to over 30+ reports, Power BIs, customisable dashboards and automated consumption/ energy management triggers or alerts, your teams can be sure they are informed and engaged with your organisations progress to reduce your cost, consumption and carbon.


Each of the Energy.Hub’s reports/Power BIs/dashboards can be shared or downloaded to help our customers analyse and manage outliers. Our energy analytics can help users easily identify the best or worst performing sites in energy intensity, carbon usage and also see areas of waste by drilling down into our vacant energy report or tracking over or under budget sites. As we carry billed consumption for scope 1 and 2 can hold scope 3 consumption users will easily be able to create and streamline their carbon/compliance reporting from CRC, GHG and soon SECR.

These are just a few of the main features of the Energy.Hub, if you are interested in learning more about our modules and pricing, get in touch with Vanessa Adams at [email protected]


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Four reasons to switch across today


Easy and intuitive to use

Our modern and innovative technology solution has been built with energy professionals in mind and we’re constantly going out of way to make your job easier.


Make everyone part of the energy challenge.

The Energy.Hub is available across web, mobile, dashboards and wallboards, meaning you can get your entire energy estate behind you in your carbon and cost reductions.


Simple and affordable pricing with no hidden user costs

You purchase a single licence which allows you unlimited users, meaning all stakeholders can easily view the data that’s relevant to them without you having to pay more.


Technology that doesn’t stand still

Don’t settle for the outdated and frustrating systems of yesterday. The Utilidex Energy.Hub is a cloud-first built platform which means your system will get instantly updated with all the latest features – for free.

Applications to help you do more.

You can purchase any one of our software products direct as a customer, or through our partner consultancy firms (TPIs), or via energy suppliers. Our goal is to make it easy for you to work together, and stay in control of your energy estate.

Energy Analytics

Understand your energy data with our detailed energy insights and powerful reporting features.


Utility Bill Validation

Automate your bill validation with straight-through processing from EDI receipt to payments in minutes.


Trading and Energy Procurement

Provide full financial transparency to your energy procurement strategy, highlighting the risks and rewards in locking-in energy prices over time.


Our clients.