Analyse your portfolio and improve your procurement strategy with our latest new feature 

Welcome to the latest updates across our integrated energy products for Customers, Suppliers and Consultants.

This month we have made some updates to the user experience, which is now even smoother and faster. You’ll notice screens and data rendering much quicker, bolder more rounded User Interfaces and additional accessibility updates throughout the entire platform.

Energy Trading

New feature – Manage baskets on a cash-out basis and analyse your portfolio in detail

Energy consumers looking to shift their portfolio to balance against an index can now easily integrate their consumption, trades, and bills.  For those looking to finance renewable energy this update also helps understand how their portfolio balances against relevant indices.  Having a deeper understanding of volumes, prices, and costs in the most granular form can inform procurement strategy and help make the case for renewable generation options.

A growing trend in the energy market is customers shifting their strategy when balancing portfolios.  The main method for managing imbalances is to value the volume at the traded price, however current market conditions mean it is more cost-effective to balance positions against an index.

Our latest update allows customers to define their balancing method and view their volumes, prices, and costs at a half-hourly level for power, and daily for gas.  The new data then feeds into our bench-marking analysis, where customers can understand their performance vs. the market as well as against a relevant index.  

The cash-out prices also flow through to the bill processing and validation module. Customers can now easily validate more complex portfolios, including those with PPAs, CHP, and behind the meter renewable assets.

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Easy and intuitive to use

Our modern and innovative technology solution has been built with energy professionals in mind and we’re constantly going out of way to make your job easier.


Make everyone part of the energy challenge.

The Energy.Hub is available across web, mobile, dashboards and wallboards, meaning you can get your entire energy estate behind you in your carbon and cost reductions.


Simple and affordable pricing with no hidden user costs

You purchase a single licence which allows you unlimited users, meaning all stakeholders can easily view the data that’s relevant to them without you having to pay more.


Technology that doesn’t stand still

Don’t settle for the outdated and frustrating systems of yesterday. The Utilidex Energy.Hub is a cloud-first built platform which means your system will get instantly updated with all the latest features – for free.

Applications to help you do more.

You can purchase any one of our software products direct as a customer, or through our partner consultancy firms (TPIs), or via energy suppliers. Our goal is to make it easy for you to work together, and stay in control of your energy estate.

Energy Analytics

Understand your energy data with our detailed energy insights and powerful reporting features.


Utility Bill Validation

Automate your bill validation with straight-through processing from EDI receipt to payments in minutes.


Trading and Energy Procurement

Provide full financial transparency to your energy procurement strategy, highlighting the risks and rewards in locking-in energy prices over time.


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