Improve communications across your teams with shareable dashboards.

Access more information at your fingertips with our Site List upgrade

Our site list provides a glance of your portfolio and categories that are important to you, for example group name, site type, meter status, site manager and more. Previously, our customers with a large portfolio had issues viewing specific sites, that is why we have enhanced this screen for a better user experience and easier access to all the sites available. We have added several updates to the site list to improve the information at your fingertips:

  • A search bar so you can quickly find a specific site or category.
  • Dropdowns to create a site list catered to your needs.
  • Multiple filters within the dropdown so that you can filter exactly what you would like to see.

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Save time by adding new Site Additions in bulk


Our Site Wizard brings together your portfolio management workflows for site additions and change of tenancies in easy to use screens. Previously, customers were able to upload sites in bulk and push to live, without any checks in place.

To save time and enable more control over live sites, the bulk site addition will now be part of the workflow under site wizard. Customers can upload site additions in bulk with Admin or suppliers being able to review these changes in one go.

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Communicate your real-time data with shareable dashboards

We understand the importance of transparency with your stakeholders and teams as you begin to set targets for your organisation on your Net Zero journey. To support these targets and any behavioural change initiatives, you can now generate a shareable, secure link directly from your Analytics dashboards showing your real-time progress in consumption and carbon for a specific site or the entire organisation.

Users can hover over the charts and graphs to read the data however cannot edit or alter any of the information. Not only can you share on email, your website and on social media platforms, you can also decide how long you would like the link to be live for.

Check out one of our live examples here: Utilidex Analytics Dashboard

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Build your own customised reports with our Reporting Database

We wanted to provide our customers with the ability to tailor their own reports, relevant to their organisations requirements. As our Energy.Hub holds all site, meter, billing, tariff and rates data, we can deliver over 40 reports which look at your consumption, billing, compliance reporting and much more.

This collective data enables our customers to pull queries from the Energy.Hub and build their own reports to connect with your external databases*. So whether you are a consultant creating a specific report for a retail customer or you are a large retailer building a report relevant to your finance team, you will have foundation needed to create these tailored reports.

*Please note this will require additional configuration per environment.

Have an accurate view of your whole portfolio by connecting your non-interval data


We have updated our reports and widgets across the Energy.Hub to carry non-internal data and provide a more accurate view of your portfolio. The reports include site and meter consumption and the dashboard widgets include count of gas and power meters, energy intensity and carbon trackers to enable customers to make more informed decisions.

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Four reasons to switch across today


Easy and intuitive to use

Our modern and innovative technology solution has been built with energy professionals in mind and we’re constantly going out of way to make your job easier.


Make everyone part of the energy challenge.

The Energy.Hub is available across web, mobile, dashboards and wallboards, meaning you can get your entire energy estate behind you in your carbon and cost reductions.


Simple and affordable pricing with no hidden user costs

You purchase a single licence which allows you unlimited users, meaning all stakeholders can easily view the data that’s relevant to them without you having to pay more.


Technology that doesn’t stand still

Don’t settle for the outdated and frustrating systems of yesterday. The Utilidex Energy.Hub is a cloud-first built platform which means your system will get instantly updated with all the latest features – for free.

Applications to help you do more.

You can purchase any one of our software products direct as a customer, or through our partner consultancy firms (TPIs), or via energy suppliers. Our goal is to make it easy for you to work together, and stay in control of your energy estate.

Energy Analytics

Understand your energy data with our detailed energy insights and powerful reporting features.


Utility Bill Validation

Automate your bill validation with straight-through processing from EDI receipt to payments in minutes.


Trading and Energy Procurement

Provide full financial transparency to your energy procurement strategy, highlighting the risks and rewards in locking-in energy prices over time.


Our clients.