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Utilidex – Trading & Energy Procurement

The focus this month has been around helping you better analyse and manage your procurement strategy.   Whether you’re a supplier/TPI managing flexible contracts or a customer managing flex yourself, these updates will help you manage your estate more effectively.

New Feature – Understand how market price scenarios and potential trades will impact your portfolio with our clever “What If” scenario analysis tool

Make better informed decisions
The new Scenario Trades feature enables you to understand the impact of market price changes.  You can analyse how your overall performance varies based on different market price scenarios in Pence Per Unit (PPU) and total cost terms.  Enter “What If” trades to analyse how potential transactions will impact overall performance and alter potential risk

New Feature – Notifications on when to hedge and close your positions

It’s easier than ever to stay on top of portfolios and better manage risk

Following a trading strategy when procuring gas and power flexibly can be crucial to success. Maintain your trading strategy by configuring alerts based on pre-defined volumetric limits. For example, if a strategy mandates a position is 50% hedged prior to the delivery year, you can customise limits and define tolerances and reminders within an alerting framework to achieve this.

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Budget Management

New Feature – Create multiple budgets, calculated from commodity and non-commodity charges, in under 10 minutes!

New Feature – Create multiple budgets, calculated from commodity and non-commodity charges, in under 10 minutes!

Advanced budgets – with commodity and non-commodity elements

Often you want to understand projected commodity and non-commodity costs for your energy estates for up to 3 years. Until now, budgets could only provide ballpark values and took a long time to create. Our new advanced budgeting module allows you to create an accurate budget integrating directly with the Procurement module (to calculate commodity charges), and then adding on non-commodity charges (e.g. distribution, transportation, renewables etc) to give you a full picture of your energy costs.

Set Multiple Thresholds

Expecting changes due to the quarterly fixed rates? The Energy.Hub can now handle multiple rates per year with separate PPUs. This ensures your budgets are more accurate than the classic fixed PPU technique, but still easy to create.

Track your portfolio more closely than ever

In line with these new features, we’ve updated the budgeting alert which notifies you, either daily or monthly,  if you breach a defined monetary or percentage baseline. 

Bill Processing & Data Platform

Updated/New Feature – The new data report now tells you everything you’re missing for your job

Our new data quality report now provides a full picture of all the missing data elements required to complete your energy work.  Whether that’s data to complete bill validation (site, meter, tariffs and rates), or data for energy management (square foot, open/close times) helping you to calculate vacant energy costs, carbon intensity and energy intensity. 

Data is the cornerstone for all energy processes, so having a quick snapshot of what is missing, will help you manage estates much easier than before.

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Easy and intuitive to use

Our modern and innovative technology solution has been built with energy professionals in mind and we’re constantly going out of way to make your job easier.


Make everyone part of the energy challenge.

The Energy.Hub is available across web, mobile, dashboards and wallboards, meaning you can get your entire energy estate behind you in your carbon and cost reductions.


Simple and affordable pricing with no hidden user costs

You purchase a single licence which allows you unlimited users, meaning all stakeholders can easily view the data that’s relevant to them without you having to pay more.


Technology that doesn’t stand still

Don’t settle for the outdated and frustrating systems of yesterday. The Utilidex Energy.Hub is a cloud-first built platform which means your system will get instantly updated with all the latest features – for free.

Applications to help you do more.

You can purchase any one of our software products direct as a customer, or through our partner consultancy firms (TPIs), or via energy suppliers. Our goal is to make it easy for you to work together, and stay in control of your energy estate.

Energy Analytics

Understand your energy data with our detailed energy insights and powerful reporting features.


Utility Bill Validation

Automate your bill validation with straight-through processing from EDI receipt to payments in minutes.


Trading and Energy Procurement

Provide full financial transparency to your energy procurement strategy, highlighting the risks and rewards in locking-in energy prices over time.


Our clients.